Monday, August 1, 2011

New Giveaway!

I had so much fun doing the Shark Week Giveaway that I want to do another Giveaway!  This one is for Back To School.
Here's how it's going to go down:
1.  If you are following my blog, you are automatically entered.  You don't need a blog to follow me, just a Twitter, Google, or Yahoo account.
2.  If you join as a new follower you will be entered.
3.  If you leave a comment on this post about why you love or hate back to school, you will get an extra entry.
4.  If you get someone else to follow my blog, you will get an extra entry.  Just make sure I know you sent them.
The prize?
Your choice of a Chalkboard Pencil Pouch.  I have them in a few designs right now and hope to add more before the contest ends on August 5th at midnight.


  1. I am a grandma now but the beginning of the school year was always a new chance for me to improve myself from the year before and I loved new supplies and school clothes. Oh, and new shoes!


  2. My kids are homeschooled now but I still get excited when they put up the back to school section at Walmart. And there is nothing like that brand new Back to School pair of shoes :)

  3. Back to school brings a mix of emotions....sadness this year that my last cookie in the jar, is off to a full day of kindergarten without me by his side. Then I also feel a bit of freedom and that makes me a bit happy. I am not tied down during the day to the commands of a 4 yr old. For my older son, I love seeing how he is developing into a man. I am thankful that my last two in school are boys. They are not as needy as the girls were, nor do they bring home the drama like the girls. As this school year begins, I enjoy seeing the excitement in the faces of both my sons - anticipation, nervousness. I love when my son has learned something so amazing he is bursting to tell me.
    So, school brings about some sadness and some happiness. The two feelings live in perfect harmony within me.

  4. I used to be excited about the new school supplies, and when I was teaching, getting the classroom ready again was exciting. Then the thought of all the work starting up again hits, and it's not quite as exciting as it seemed.

  5. love shopping for back to school supplies :) such a nerd, i know.

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  7. I love the shopping for new pajamas for my kids school attire. As well as school will finally be keeping them busy again.

  8. This is my first "back to school" for my son Who is starting Kindergarten so it's very bitter sweet, very nice giveaway and right in time.
    Halochanel at gmail dot com